Every Beach Item for Every Comfort

because getting to the beach is hard enough


Beach Items for Sand, Sun, and Surf!

In lots of categories, we carry more variety than any other store in Atlantic Beach, NC!

Here are some of our most popular categories. :

  • Beach Apparel - Beach clothing, including accessories, bags, footwear, swimsuits, cover-ups, hats, eyewear (prescription & regular), scarves & more!
  • Sun-Related - Umbrellas, anchors, tents, sunscreen, face/lip/body lotions/sprays/balms, SPF rash-guards, SPF headwear.
  • Sand-Related:
    • Sand - Chairs - A perfect variety of sizes, weights, materials, at the right prices!
    • Toys - a variety of buckets, shovels, sifters, molds, and creative toys to spark the fun at the beach!
    • Sport - footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, float-on-water balls, freebees, lacrosse, softball, throw-and-catch Velcro balls, and more!
    • Towels:
      • Graphic - Sport (NFL, MLB, NBA, Colleges) towels, Disney towels, Star War, Animals, Sea Life, Scenery, Funny, Patriotic, and truly so much more!
      • Towels big enough for two, or small enough for a kid!
      • Different weights, sizes, fee, some embroidered!
      • Towels available for free custom designing (Atlantic Beach designs)!
  • Water-Related:
    • Inflatables - All sizes and shapes, from safety wings and rings to multi-person boats and large animal shapes, and so much more!
    • Water Headwear - Huge variety of masks, goggles, snorkels, fins, swimming cap, ear & nose plugs.
    • Toys - various water guns, floating devices, diving sticks, wet balls, and much more!
    • Rides - Skim boards, body boards, surf boards, board wax, leashes, repair kits.
    • We have many more items and categories, too many to list! Come to our shop location and see to believe!
  • Accessories:
    • Beach bags of all sizes and materials
    • Bag coolers
    • Can/Bottle covers/coolers
    • Cold beverages
    • Sunglass retainers
    • And truly, so much more!

Easy Shopping

We have lots of everything, but we can help you find what you need -- fast!

  • Real Service! By caring team members!
  • Checklists! We have them, to help you remember what you need!
  • Tons of items! Logically organized, so you can find it all!
  • Fast checkout! Be ready to checkout within 5 minutes max, or get a free small gift!

You guys had everything I needed, thanks for putting together our items and making sure everything worked well for us!
— Maria Lopez