To All Who Shopped at Our Store, Thank You

We just wanted to give a shout out to all of our wonderful customers who keep up with our Facebook page and visited us so far during this Black Friday / Black Week Sale! We are happy to continue our sale for the entire week until the end of day Friday, December 4th!

And thanks to everyone for supporting us, our store, and our mission! See you soon!

Happiest Thanksgiving

Busting bellies, football on everyone's tv's, everyone (hopefully) at home with each other. Hope this is at least as good as it gets, may this Thanksgiving be your best!

We are glad to report although there was a contest at the Capital as to which Turkey to pardon (It was Abe vs Honest), both Turkey's will be put in a large, beautiful pastor in California, to leave out the rest of their Turkey lives. For the record, Abe did win, and as usual lately in washington, Honesty finishes last. LOL


We Are All French Today

We do not need to be Americans or French to understand the significance of the grave tragedy that has befallen the nation of France. Today, we stand with the people of France, and mourn for the innocent lives lost. Let's hope that as one world, we can learn to recognize, appreciate, and eliminate significant terrorist threats before they come to our shores, or to our allies shores. As you read this, please take a moment to reflect on the tears that are shed all over France and all over the world, and remember to appreciate those folks on the front lines, in the military and all of our first responders and volunteers. May God Bless America and all her allies.